Teresa Cullen
Graphic Designer

The State of Salesforce 2018-2019

The State of Salesforce is Bluewolf’s annual report, based on 180,000+ data points collected from 2,500+ global Salesforce customers. This report uncovers how top companies are using the Salesforce platform. Download the full report here.


The Process

This report went through numerous iterations before the final concept and design were approved. Below is a sneak peak into the
process, from the concept “Let’s Be Clear” to creating the look and feel of the book and the inside content

Concept Development

Book Development


Design: Teresa Cullen + Scot Shern + Neil Uhl + Grace Lee
Art Direction: Scot Shern + Corinne Sklar
Copywriting: Janet Alexander + Kristil Robarts + Sophia Elson + Jonathan Staley
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